Welcome back!!

After ages today I have this urge to write, suddenly I decided to log in and write with nothing on my mind. Covid-19 is all-around us. Somewhere it has left us with nothing except repentance , gratitude, forgiveness, loss in terms of economy and family ties, the occasional meetups and reunions of friends, this deadly... Continue Reading →

Pond’s Tone-up Milk cream

As far as I remember from the day when I started using any face product including face wash or face cream or even moisturizer, it's from Pond's. I like Pond's beauty because they are simple, and provide wide variety of products for your every need. I like to use there Pond's white beauty face wash... Continue Reading →

Kiss beauty Melted matte

The best moment is when you are randomly looking at products in store and look at a new lip shade, and when it is very economical for you. Same happened with me. I found this in a local store and I really liked the color and formula and I was considering it's price very high... Continue Reading →

Jhumkas are love

If you are following me on instagram you all then know how much I love jhumkas. They make every event worth, there style, there vibe. I love wearing jhumkas. I don't have a lot of them but today I decided to show them to you. I got this from a local shop and I am... Continue Reading →

My Morning Routine in Quarantine.

Hello readers! I hope in this tough situation you all are at home, safe. It's not about staying home, it's all about staying safe. If you are at home all day doing nothing, eating from drive-thru and just washing your hands, you are still unsafe. If you don't know what to do this quarantine, read... Continue Reading →

Quarantine and what to do?

Corona virus is the most popular virus of 2020 and I hope this virus will end soon and all the states will be virus free soon. AMEEN!! Every state and government has announced lock down to prevent people from meeting and spreading this virus. In this mean time what we are supposed to do is.... Continue Reading →

From 2019 to 2020

Hello all! Happy New year. My new years eve is preparing for exams from the past 3 years that's why my New Year blogs are always late but. It's better to be late then to arrive never. End of 2019 means that I'm all ready to leave my teenage and jump into my twenties. 2019... Continue Reading →

Noor Mahel Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is my hometown. It's a small city located in Punjab, Pakistan. I was born and raised here. This city is one of the developing cities in Pakistan. The local bodies of Bahawalpur are working everyday for the working and development of this city. Noor Mahel is one of the oldestĀ  Mahels of Bahawalpur. There... Continue Reading →

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