Hello New Year + Life update+Goals

I hope I'm not too late, Happy New Year to you all. I was late due to my exams. This year just like the last year the year started with my exams at university. They went pretty good and now we have stepped into finals, the remaining time for the semester will be invested in... Continue Reading →


Tips for getting better grades.

Hello to you all of the students out there. To those who are starting their new university year or first year at the university, I have some of the points  for you to know to do better this year. University life is completely different from the school or high school life. Be on time:  If... Continue Reading →

My Planner.

Planners are life savers, they are the reasons I have survived most of the competitions, they are the reasons I have submitted my assignments on time. If you are a person like me who can't do without planners, so here I'm for you with my planner teaching  you the buzz needed for planner, the planning... Continue Reading →

Fall skin care routine

When you find a skin care routine that not only suits your skin but also to the weather, you are no less than a lucky person. This fall I'm  not changing my skin care routine as a few addition I did to moisturize my skin but they didn't work for me so I'm back to... Continue Reading →

Little life update

Not feeling the vibe to write the blog so won't type too much but a little will definitely go up. A few days back I started my Series Coffee and conversation. And I'm all excited about it. I always wanted to talk about something like this and my blog gave me this confidence and platform to talk... Continue Reading →

October purchases

October is all about shopping for me. I'm like a person who hasn't shopped anything for like past 3-4 months. Like I have done but not something more like which can give me a sense that I went to shopping (you got me, haha) This month I have a lot of list for shopping. This... Continue Reading →

September in rewind

For next few days my blogs are going to revolve around the month  September. September was quite an easy, fast month (well I'm on my break so that's why I said fast). I was very excited to end August and to start September so that I can use my new planner. I was all excited... Continue Reading →

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